what. the. hell.

I went to San Francisco tonight, for a cocktail party and a renegade ambient party. This involved:

Life is too short to spend time in San Francisco. The people who live there rarely leave, and often forget there's a world outside that seven-mile square. They try not to move their cars if they can help it, and they time their grocery shopping according to traffic and parking patterns. If you're a San Francisco Person, that all appears to be worth it; but I'm not.

I did have a great day, though. My friend Bob taught the aikido class, and I'd mentioned I've been needing exercise, so he used me to demonstrate techniques (we train well together) and I more or less only took falls for the first 30 minutes of class. Then a one-hour ride down to Boulder Creek to drop off a coffee press (which seems like a lot, but bear in mind we ride that route just for fun, so for an errand it's no trouble). And then the late-night meandering through the woods. Mmm, tired.