my car is very boring now.

Neat. The fake industry-funded groups that have been denying climate change started with the tobacco industry. Why do people think I'm overly cynical?

Kat sent me this cool article about introverts dating. Those are pretty hardcore introverts, though, and shy to boot. (I'm actually an introvert, though I enjoy seeing people, and my social skills are so well developed--I can even read body language--that most people don't believe me. But introversion isn't about how shy you are, it's about where your energy comes from: to recharge when you're wiped out, do you spend time with other people, or go spend time by yourself? As sociable as I am, I spend a lot of time alone. Or maybe it's just that I'm ignoring everyone else in the room. It's hard to tell sometimes.)

Chillits was so much fun, with beautiful autumnal weather (surely the fault of global warming, but it was damned comfortable) and lots of my pals. And, with a nice girl there to hang out with and talk to, I discovered something I hadn't really noticed before, which is that I'm still not very good at actually being in a relationship. I mean, I can do flowers and stuff, but psychologically dealing with liking someone and having them like me back, and being able to manage that rare occurrence with clarity and calmness...yeah. Work in progress.