craaaaaacked out.

Chillits was wonderful. Kat was sweet enough to drive most of the way home, so I got to sleep and spend all afternoon being cracked out. I tried going for a ride, but I was hot, and the cracked-out-ness doesn't make for a good ride.

I got to weigh myself on a good scale yesterday: I've lost about 30 pounds since seeing the Ayurvedic doctor in March. I weigh 186 with clothes and shoes. Pretty amazing, considering all I did was change diet and take some wacky Ayurvedic herbs. I'm still not back to doing aikido enough to really cause weight loss.

I managed to make the ride home last 90 minutes after work today. Sadly, I dropped the bike, literally: trying to do a slow U-turn on a hill, which is something I can do, but I did it wrong this time, and at the apex of the turn, nearly at a complete stop, I lost balance on the bike and let her down as easy as I could. Got a bit of scratching on the mirror, maybe on the left upper fairing, and the foot of the centerstand. Ah well. Everyone told me it was going to happen eventually.

There's a fascinating article here about a guy who very quickly transformed his life by becoming a talented road bicyclist, but kept hurting himself because his speed outpaced his skills, and he'd insisted on buying a twitchy road bike meant for experienced riders. Beyond the effect the exercise has had on him, what's particularly fascinating to me is that all his mistakes often apply to motorcyclists as well.