I got my bike back from the shop today, in time for the weekend! I took her in because a couple of times last weekend, I went to go start her up and there was no electricity. On top of that it turns out that Kawasakis have a safety feature with the power off that only allows you into first or neutral, so if there's no power, I can't get into second or third to bump-start it. (Which is a ton of fun, I'd never bump-started anything before.) It turns out one of the lead bolts (where the wires attach) was too short, like someone had taken the battery out to charge it and then lost the bolt. So I'm lucky it was a simple problem, since electrical issues can be mind-numbing and wallet-draining; also the mechanic took a look over the bike and confirmed that as long as it runs well, there's nothing really wrong with it. It's a 2000 with just over 9000 miles (I think I've put over 100 miles on it in the 10 days I've owned it), and it's in lovely shape, I think.

In other news, yesterday I transferred the title, and today I got it insured, albeit for $600/year more than was quoted. I was already making the agent stay late when she had a funeral to go to, though, so I told her to write the expensive policy and we'll look at alternatives on Monday.

After work I rode up 84 to the 84/35 intersection, containing Alice's Restaurant and the Skywood Trading Post convenience store. The road is a little tricky in spots, and definitely had some curves to wake me up and remind me I have a lot to learn. And it's fricking cold up there in the evenings! I'm going to need some gear for chillier weather, sooner rather than later. (The Aerostich will work since I'll wear street clothes underneath, but I have to motivate to figure out a size and then spend the money. Very difficult.)

I have nothing planned this weekend except aikido, riding, and going to the archery range. Easily enough to keep me amused and happy.