oof, and vroom.

When I left work today--and I don't believe I did this, as I am very good at leaving work--I left my laptop's power adapter at the office. On the bright side, it gave me an excuse to ride the motorcycle tonight, with the added benefit of letting me try out my commute route with fewer cars around. (Conclusion: it will suck more with more cars.)

Pictures are up. I named her Harriet. I don't really know why; I've always thought it was a cool game, I loved the book Harriet the Spy, and I don't know anyone named Harriet so it won't be weird or anything. (The joke about Japanese bikes is to refer to them as "the Japanese girlfriend". I believe it's a nod to the stereotype of a white male who prefers dating Japanese women. Of course, in California, that's pretty common anyway, and some guys have a full-on Asian fetish which is generally repulsive, and then I think most other guys dating Asian women just ended up with Asian women because the Asian women were cool. I have no explanation for why I haven't dated any Asian women beyond the one in college, except that I don't date most women, so there's no reason Asian women should be an exception.)

I bought all of my company's stock that I could today. Between that and the motorcycle, one could argue for a subconscious decision that I had too much money and figured I should be putting it to good use. The stock-buying is sensible, though, since there are powerful rumors swirling about that under some circumstances in the relatively near future, the price may change.

Since before I went to Cape Cod, I've had this weird sinus congestion. Sometimes I don't notice, sometimes it makes me dizzy, and then sometimes, like today, I get a headache. Ow.

Several months late, the stock purchase motivated me to call the UC Retirement System to ask what their tax ID number is supposed to be (my 2005 tax return has remained unfiled because the IRS rejected it several times due to a mismatch). Since I triple-checked it at the time, I'm pretty sure the UCRS dorks put the wrong number on the 1099-R they sent me. On the bright side, the nice woman on the phone sounded quite relieved that that was all I wanted. Plus I get money. Woo hoo!