A worthwhile article on how America's Funniest Home Videos gave rise to YouTube.

I bought a motorcycle! It's a 2000 Kawasaki Ninja 250. It's a sort of classic beginner sportbike. It's got enough power to be fun, but not so much that I'm going to be doing wheelies (much less "loop" the bike, which is when you do a wheelie and bring the bike up past its balance point, and the bike either runs away without you, or falls on you). I'll have to actually learn how to ride well rather than just power my way out of things, which is great, since motorcycling scares me anyway. Awesome. I am very excited.

I finally got some traction on my current task at work, by finding utility code I can use. Being somewhat disappointed by my slowness (though it's not like I've been focused), I mentioned to my boss that it'd taken me two days to find the necessary obscure library for my needs; bless his heart, he said, "Only two?". Best boss ever.

Back to aikido tomorrow. My energy's coming back up, slowly. I think a long weekend spent doing aikido and tooling around on a new motorcycle may be just the right thing. I really don't have any plans at all. The lady friend and Kelly are both out of town, so I'll probably hassle other people for company, but mostly I'm on my own for amusement.

Mmmm. Life doesn't suck, even when I'm cranky about it.