still so tired.

I shouldn't be, but having to be awake and alert while flying with sinus congestion, sandwiching a weekend with a pair of little girls in a, um, difficult phase, seems to have done a number on me. I'm trying to cook for myself and get back in the routine. It's probably just as well that I said I'd take care of a cat over the long weekend, though I think I wish I had something to do. (Impossible to say for sure, I've been so twitchy and ungrounded.) A friend found a kitten on her fence, and brought him inside, and would keep him except she's allergic and not in a place of wanting a pet. (Why did she take him in and buy cat food and a litterbox? Don't ask me, I just work here.) At the least, she'll get him neutered and try to find a home for him. Impressively, he gnawed on my arm a little, and the very very light scratches he left itched like hell. I'm used to the watering eyes and itchy nose, but allergen-enhanced scratches are new to me.

Kelly pointed out that, in fact, I could probably just buy a new bike if I wanted, which I could, if the insurance premiums become reasonable without damage insurance--the cheap insurance quote for a new bike with the same damage limits as my car, which was dumb was $1200/year. Hopefully it will drop severely without the damage coverage. (Paying a $1200 premium on a $3000 bike is silly, especially since most damage comes to maybe $500.) I'll truck down to the Sunnyvale dealership this weekend and drool on things.