I did look at the bike in Oakland. And it's a fine bike, except for a few quirks:

I'm really bad at negotiating business stuff. It makes me nervous. I'll get around to that eventually.

So I still don't have a bike. I did buy a helmet, though, and a jacket that I'll probably return as being not quite right for what I want. And I almost brought myself to buy incredibly swanky riding gloves--the cheaper pair is $75, the swanky pair is $155, but the swanky pair has (in my opinion) far more than $80 worth of swankiness in them, and if I find this as fun as I think I will, I would probably just buy the swanky ones anyway. Really, I'd be saving $75.

(You can do this hobby a bit cheaper than I'm doing it, but what fun is that? Plus I realized that after my head, I want to be most paranoid about my hands, which are both more delicate and more critical to making a living and doing fun stuff than most of my other parts. Plus, carbon fiber knuckle armor. Kick ass.)

Anyway, I hate shopping, and I did a lot of shopping and driving around today, and I'm tired. (Kelly and I had breakfast at Buck's, which is on the way to the archery range; then I went up to meet some of the South Bay Riders at Alice's Restaurant in Woodside. This is still on an easy loop over to the archery range, except that on the drive over from Buck's, something nagged at me, and I had a vision of my arrows, still leaning happily in their case against my bedroom wall. Shooting would have been nice, but not worth an extra hour of driving home and back.) Time to pass out, and tomorrow I get to see the girl again.

Life doesn't suck.