I finished and passed the MSF Basic RiderCourse yesterday and today, meaning I just have to take the written test at the DMV and I'll have a motorcycle license (the course concludes with a DMV evaluation that provides a waiver for the DMV road test). I'm trying to decide if this is the proficiency level I had with a car when I started driving; I'm pretty sure I had a lot more practice before getting my driver's license, and I'm pretty sure that (a) I need some practice on quiet side streets before hitting traffic or the highway, and (b) so does anyone else for whom this was the "learning to ride a motorcycle" experience.

I tend to be pretty self-protective, though.

I noticed some really interesting stuff during the course, about the process of learning, and things indicating my own limitations right now, which tell me the level of caution I need to use:

The course is really very well-structured, to get you from nothing to decent basic ridership in eight hours of riding. I haven't decided yet if I'll get a bike: the costs of bike + gear + insurance make it a cash-intensive sort of thing. It's a ton of fun, though, and I'd like to get better at it, so buying a bike seems likely.

My moods in relationships still confuse me. I need to unravel this.