for fuck's sake.

There's a link to an excellent PDF about the relationship of fear, security and terrorism, focusing on how busy everyone is making the problem seem worse that it really is. The government really is telling us "Be absolutely terrified, but go on with your lives." Based on the population having re-elected Bush (sort of) and supported destroying a country that hadn't attacked us and had no plans to, and calling that self-defense...I suppose people really are that terrified. Someone needs to write a book called The Death of Courage, and trace through history to discover when America lost its spine.

Almost on cue, the British, American and Canadian transportation authorities enact stupid, useless, invasive security measures. I appear to have it easier, flying in the US, in that I can still have my iPod, but I can't bring water on board. I'll probably try, with a disposable plastic bottle.

Sadly, I see no end to the dumbness.