I'm not feeling terribly social here; I feel like I should, and there are wonderful people to hang out with, and I am meeting a lot of them, but sitting around chatting with new people just isn't something I'm excited about these days. So that's okay. I think I may do this camp next year instead of the Bay Area camp; it's quieter up here, and I like getting out of town. Rumor has it next year's CAA camp is at Sonoma State, though, so it might be worth at least giving that a try.

I think this week may also be a way to kick off training more often, and getting ready for my 1st kyu test.

Did I mention Rite-Aid sells guns here? A reasonable selection of shotguns and rifles. Right.

It's quite a thing to finally be struck by the fact that if you were actually to date the girl you've wanted to date for a long time, you'd be quite unhappy; not because needing is better than wanting, but the two of you simply don't go well or easily together. I think I've had enough real relationship stress to last me the rest of my life and beyond, and letting go here is part of finally really understanding that.

And when I get home: motorcycling! And maybe skydiving. Hmmm.