No training today. Other people are going out horseback riding or river rafting; I got a massage, since my back was about to spasm into uselessness, and after a load of laundry I've been parked in a coffeeshop in downtown Glenwood Springs.

My roommate is very nice, but he's come here for boot camp, and seems a bit perplexed or even sad that I'm not treating it that way. Of course, Monday night he had to go to the ER for dehydration (he's fine, returned the same evening), and every few hours he falls asleep from exhaustion; I'm glad he's having fun. And it's fine, if you want to make this boot camp, but it's silly to think that everyone else will approach it that way. Not only am I on vacation, but my body won't support doing four classes a day.

Still having fun, but it'll be nice to get home and see my girl again. It's strange here...I often feel like everywhere I go I'm a different person, and this is a person I haven't necessarily been yet, so it's fun but unsettling. That's the trick that lets me look at my life differently after a trip, though. I stop listening to the music I've been listening to for weeks or months, I step outside my everyday routine and change course a bit based on what I see. Traveling changes things. But I like how I am with her, so I will go home and put everything together and see what happens.