Fanged kangaroos!

I went to aikido last night and got poked in the eye by a woman with overly long fingernails. We couldn't tell what got scratched, but this morning it still hurt and my eye was watering, so I went to the eye doctor. It turns out I have a small abrasion on the cornea which should heal itself and doesn't keep me wearing contacts or anything, but I was mostly struck by not liking the doctor very much. There are two doctors there, a woman and man. For some reason all the billing goes under his name, which is dodgy, but for just eye exams, I don't care--no one's going to prosecute me, and I'm not in there for anything where liability is an issue. I've only ever seen the woman, so I was impressed when the guy comes in and acts as though we've met before. The woman is a little distant, sometimes brusque; but I can respect that. If you're not interested in being more than polite, I appreciate a lack of pretense in doing so.