kids today, I tell you.

Since I take special joy in reminding everyone how little things really change, I smiled when Wired published this bit on cultural reactionism (novels, waltzing, movies, and the telephone have previously been blamed for the decline of society), and along similar lines, those lessons at Arthur Murray are imperiling your soul.

Thursday saw what's hopefully the bottom of the mood cycle, and as usual things looked better on Friday morning. We'll see if they keep going up, but I did have a nice Friday and Saturday with the girl, lounging around a coffee shop reading and playing with my new computer, and then coming home and mixing up some oil and spices to coat pork kabobs, which then came out perfect after a lot of working in the iron skillet (adding water, allowing lots of time to cook all the way through--not the fast meal I'd hoped for). My first attempt at really playing with spice combinations, though, especially anything hot (red pepper flakes and hot paprika), so I am well pleased.