this is not my beautiful crappy stereo.

This whole thing where I feel drop-dead tired from 4-7pm really cramps my will to go to my 7pm aikido classes.

Apple speculates that my Macbook Pro will be delivered on Friday. FedEx, understanding that shipping direct from Shanghai might be a shade unpredictable, has declined to guess. Regardless, I had to wait months for my previous new Apples, so a delay measured in weeks might as well be instantaneous. (My Nano was also shipped direct from Shanghai, and went through Anchorage for some reason and got here in about 10 days.)

I'm afraid I must insist that you start watching House. It's fantastic.

I'm still feeling slow and heavy, maybe still recovering from this past weekend. If I were smarter I'd be eating better to fix it faster, but we know how that goes. Instead I'm eating pretty well, and cooking for myself. I think more vegetables are next on the list--some cabbage and a ton of asparagus to be cooked tomorrow while I'm working from home. ("Heavy" is just a feeling; I think I'm actually losing weight, between cooking for myself and these herbs which also speed up metabolism.)

Speaking of work, I've had several piles of stuff dropped on me this past week. I had to remind my boss that I don't want to be in management; of course I get to coordinate the projects anyway, but he'll continue going to meetings for me.