family, and slack.

My housemate and I, after the late night at the beatboxing thing Friday, were both feeling like yesterday was Sunday, so today felt like kind of a bonus weekend day. I spent a lovely morning puttering around with K, eating some nice breakfast and then wandering around the construction downtown. Tonight Ann & Jason came over with their little monkey. We've talked about her being tall (both parents are around six feet and solidly built), but for comparison, I realized tonight that at two and a half she's only a couple inches shorter than my cousin's six-year old.

After talking with Rachel on Saturday about Aim's Means of Production album, lo and behold, there it was in Rasputin Music, for $5 instead of $18. I love when that happens. It's a fantastic wonderful album.

Friday night got me inspired to get moving on making music, which involves buying a MacBook Pro for recording and processing and putting stuff together. I know, it seems excessive, and I could blow a smaller amount of money on gear that doesn't suit my needs. But, this will also give me a laptop with wireless that works inside my house, and with a battery life of more than a few minutes (and that won't suddenly decide the battery is dead with no warning). Multi-purpose tool, you see.

Of course, I'll need a microphone, and a little box to get the microphone input into the computer, and a MIDI interface for my keyboard, and the software, and and and... Actually I'll probably see what I can do with GarageBand first, since it's free, then move on to Ableton Live and other more hardcore tools.

I'm a little anxious over some conversations I'm having Monday and Tuesday and possibly Wednesday, and then less nervous about a date on Friday (which is a guaranteed success, but will only be really great if I'm feeling okay and balanced and confident). I don't like the anxiety, but I think we lose out by constructing our lives to really avoid our anxiety--part of the idea behind Erich Fromm's Escape From Freedom, if I remember right. In that case we don't confront the anxiety, understand it, learn to weather it, or just have the cool experiences we're anxious about. I can't really learn not to be twitchy about this stuff without going through some twitchiness.