I'm looking at a couple more archery niceties: arrow case, bow case, another half dozen arrows. As in technology I don't have the urge for gadgetry that most folks do. (Honest. My degree of gadget-whoring is nothing on the grand scale. I just got an iPod, and they first appeared in 2001.) I deal with complicated technology constantly, so while I could get a four-wheel compound bow with string separators and stabilizers and sights and a mechanized string release...I'm really into it for the meditative and the simple, and because it's on my list. When people are nice enough to let me shoot tricked-out compound bows, it's much more like shooting a gun, but without the honesty of it, like they had to take this previously organic weapon and accessorize it to have the power and strict accuracy of a firearm, without all the noise or licensing.

My bow is laminated wood with some layers of fiberglass. Nothing tells me when I've drawn it far enough. Nothing tells me I'm on target. Nothing tells me when to release the string. It's very simple. I have enough complicated things in my life.

Now it's bedtime, so I can hopefully wake up rested (it's been over a week) and go to the range for a couple hours before I starting working from home. Work is having an interesting transition moment, where I have chances to get involved in doing interesting stuff, and I'm trying to grab those opportunities while I can, to keep myself entertained and learning.