that hadn't occurred to me.

A little while ago I finally saw Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips, a near-mythical Bugs Bunny cartoon from 1944. Warner Brothers doesn't release it any more, and my first reaction to that is always annoyance, as I'm nearly always in favor of the freedom of speech and information, even if I find it offensive.

After watching this awe-inspiring bit of violent, astonishingly racist propaganda, the room of ultra-liberal freaks agreed that yes, it's generally the right decision to leave it on a shelf somewhere. It's completely unsuited for broadcast anywhere outside the White Supremacist Cable Network.

I've been doing some serious slacking on aikido. I'd just started to slack less when I hurt my leg, and since then I've been enjoying a bit of a break and just training one or two times a week, and cavorting off to Tahoe and such the rest of the time. This coming weekend is Grass Valley, though come to think of it, I know several people up there and I should try to train once or twice. I'm still caught on archery: planning on shooting Sunday and possibly tomorrow after I go to Pacifica to see if they'll replace the limbs on my bow, which turn out to be slightly twisted.

I'm still right on the edge of buying one of the new Apple MacBooks Pro. (You know, like "passers-by", "attorneys general", "Whoppers Junior".) It's not an insensible nor difficult thing for me to do, but it's a lot of money and I have issues. *grin*