mmm, more music.

I love when I can find the spot inside me to let go. I started finding it this morning--and it's a huge change from a few years ago that I can purposefully find it at all. It's a button somewhere in my consciousness, like the places that let me wilfully relax various muscles. I like me.

I bought a bunch of CDs from CDBaby, a really cool independent music vendor. They're really nice, and have a fantastic UI for listening to 2-minute song samples (because really, who would buy music online from these random, completely unknown artists without listening to it first?). And they have a $5 bin. That's part of the secret to my accumulating CDs: I do buy some new, but I buy a lot more used. Thrift stores are the best, with a usual price of one or two dollars for the rare non-crap CD.

I ditched aikido to spend some time hanging out with the gang after work. I haven't been in a good mood lately, but they're nice guys, and sitting around after hours has a real effect in improving our ability to get along and work together, especially against the various crack-smoking external forces floating around trying to make stupid things happen. My manager told us about the meetings he'd been in all day (I hadn't seen him until about 6pm), which basically made me want to bake him a cake for handling all the political crap for us. We also gave him some input and moral support, which helped reassure us all that the bad ideas have many, many layers of resistance to plow through before we could actually be forced to deploy it on production.

I may bite the bullet and buy a nice dresser tomorrow (birch, to sort of vaguely match my nightstand because I like the color). I know I've said that before, but honest, this is the time.