these people are stupid.

In what appears to be another case of "The South will rise again, as soon as it learns to read and pulls its head out of its ass," the city of Black Jack, Missouri, has denied an occupancy permit to an unmarried couple with three children, on the grounds that they don't satisfy the city's definition of a "family". The city is claiming the ordinance has to to do with density and not "morality" (to use the term loosely)--but apparently they left a paper trail and they're lying. This article says the man is father to two of the the children, and all three are from the woman; how, exactly, that doesn't qualify as related by "blood, marriage or adoption," I'm not really sure. I do notice that from the photograph, the family appears to be mixed-race, which I'm sure has absolutely nothing to do with the situation. *cough*Fuckers.*cough*

Says my lovely and wonderful friend:

09:30 <weezyl> There's an interesting statement: a government entity *forcing* a mixed marriage. They really *are* afraid of the fags.

Iowa got hit by tornadoes. Holy crap.

This article has a bunch of really interesting maps about the distribution of religion in America.