Bwahahahahahaha. The idiot DEA agent, who shot himself in the foot while giving an anti-gun demonstration to a class of kids, is suing the government for improperly releasing the video, saying it's ruined his career in various ways. I highly recommend the video, which has sound: while the dissemination of the video may have been improper, the guy wasn't going a very good job of seeming smart even before he shot himself in the foot, and once he announces "This is an unloaded gun" and it goes off, it's pretty much a lost cause.

It's 4 AM. We are not amused.

I'm annoyed at a friend of mine. What an odd feeling...thinking about the offending behavior, trying to decide if this is a strong pattern I should be aware of (maybe I shouldn't be friends with them?), or just a particularly irritating expression of some facets of their personality, something which should be discussed and then let go. Maybe it's just time for a break, or for me to invest less in that relationship.

I think I've run out of actual interesting things to say, for the moment. Except that recently I've been missing living in Oakland a bit, the details of my life haven't changed much, and while past performance is no predictor of future gains, I don't sense major changes coming the day-to-day. I change, sort of; maybe I need to change more, and just focus on stuff internal to me. That's not stuff I'm big on writing about, these past few years. There's something private about the gradual mechanics of becoming who I am.