a day like most others.

Ah, the South, bastion of American morality. And Homeland Security. What the hell is wrong with people?

12:54 <moof> http://regex.info/blog/2006-04-03/172 <- what would m.c. escher do?

This guy, while incredibly stupid, can still reproduce, and so doesn't qualify for a Darwin Award.

I'm pretty amused by how productive I am when I stay home in the morning and show up in the office after lunch. I answer email, finish up lingering stuff for the next release, take a leisurely shower, eat something for lunch, then go in, maybe work on some bigger problem, maybe implement a new feature for the next release, that sort of thing. It's very chill, not spending the morning at a desk.

This week seems to be a slight pause, while I gather myself up to go camping for the weekend and decompress from the past few months of work. I have just achieved the necessary victory over my new iPod--I can, very slowly, copy stuff onto it from my music collection. Nine ceramics pieces came out of their glaze-firing, some of them quite beautiful, others requiring...well, not so much. Several sensible people have told me I'm losing weight, though I don't know why that should be happening. I'm trying to do aikido more, and making vague hand-waving motions at trying to eat less, which I don't think are successful, but whatever. I seem to be in pretty good shape.

I think I'm slowly changing my mood. I can't really explain it: it has to do with choices I make inside, and how I choose to move in the world and receive the things I'm presented with.