one day I went to the store.

I got my iPod today. It is cute and shiny and I adore the engraving I got. With the classic open-source experience (difficult for me and surely maddening for a non-engineer) using gtkpod, I got some music onto it from Linux, which it recognized and played. I'm now this much closer to buying a Mac laptop. I won't drink the Apple Kool-Aid, though. I'm not really a ra-ra-ra-go-team Kool-Aid kind of guy, much to the dismay of any of my employers (or anyone trying to stay optimistic by glossing over the unfortunate realities I insist on stating--I'm a hit at parties, let me tell you).

And I got a haircut this morning, my first real (non-shaving) haircut since maybe '98 or before. It looks good, and changes my appearance quite a bit. I realized that I'll need this haircut for my planned one-year stint as an incompetent CEO, and it's also a good idea any time I'm going to get dressed up for something. (The year as CEO is a side goal on my career; I could probably do the job better than many, but I'm not really interested. Mainly I figure that I could take even one year's CEO salary and retire several years earlier than planned; add in a severance package, and work could quickly become something optional that I do for fun.)

Ow, my brain.

One thing I've discovered out here, having the best friends in the world, is that sometimes you'll do something for the sake of being friends with someone. That no, I don't really feel like driving to Oakland to eat breakfast today, but I love these people and I enjoy staying connected to them, and this is one of the ways we do that.

Almost time for the long weekend. I realized today that since I'm expecting to get rained on, this would be an excellent time to buy a new jacket that's actually waterproof.