I did have a go at it.

Texas is arresting people in bars for being drunk. Seriously. I couldn't make this shit up, especially about a state that allows drive-through liquor stores and encourages concealed-carry permits. I suspected this was bogus, but it's .

There's this movie, called Snakes On A Plane. Yes, that's the real title, and it's even got Samuel L. Jackson. It's become a running Internet joke, because you can tell from the title that this will not only be a crappy movie, but it has potential to be one of the absolute best crappy movies ever. In fact Wired voted it the Worst Movie of 2006, I believe without seeing any of it. The plot is terrorists hijacking a plane and releasing a bunch of poisonous snakes, so I won't hold Wired to any strict standard of judgement. And lo and behold, it's getting an R rating, and they're adding the phrase everyone's been saying it needs: Samuel L. Jackson saying "I want these motherf*cking snakes off this motherf*cking plane!". One of my friends is considering renting out a movie theater and having a bar available.

The cute girl from ceramics doesn't appear to be interested in me at all, which is okay: I tried. I might have missed something the first one or two times, though I strongly suspect she's a space alien and the ordinary interpersonal signals don't necessarily apply. Mostly par for the course, anyway: things are definitely changing, but my life isn't yet into the phase where I actually get the girl I want. All in time.