Yay for law enforcement!

Finished glazing all my bisqueware tonight. Thursday I figure I'll break out some clay and make more stuff, since I'm planning to take the spring session. There's something about pottery that leaves me feeling like I haven't learned quite enough to be satisfied yet; or at any rate, I don't have anything else I want to do.

Girls make me crankier than anything else in the whole world. I'm still working to understand how my approach to life calls all this to me: I really have a gift for the unattainable ones. It's not like I find out they're unattainable and then like them; no, I like them first. I'm getting to the point of knowing by looking, actually: the longer they've been in the relationship, the easier it is to see, like there's a thread of connection linking them to their partner, if I open my mind and let the images form.

Faith sucks.