oh, crap.

I went out after class and had drinks with the brain-stopping cutie and some of her friends. Including her boyfriend, who is nice (though I'm far more interesting and she should go out with me instead). I'm happy to report that the brain-stopping was, for once, entirely justified, and she's really fucking rad.

Oi, the freckles. And that thing her hair does. And that smile that would kill a raging elephant with happiness.

I presented my data migration plan to Ops today. I have noted for the future that "My plan works perfectly and you have no other alternatives" is a very strong position to argue from, and fills me with a delightful self-confidence.

Did I mention she has freckles? And this funky speech thing? And she glows?

I also finished the verification script for the migration. It verifies that everything works properly; except it fails occasionally, because the script runs faster than the database actually finishes writing its data. For example, I add an element to the database, then run a query whose results should include that element; but the database hasn't finished writing the element, so it's not included in the query results. I'm hoping it's just an artifact of an underpowered developer database, though even if it's not, it's not a deal-breaker.

I had a wonderful thrashing at aikido last night. I got used for demonstration ukemi, where the instructor noticed I've gotten better. I got to toss some people around, too, including some Russian guy who's my height, with more mass, and a friendly spirit; it's fun to train with people about my size. I had a pretty good randori (multi-person attack): I've been finding lately that in a randori I can actually see the action happening, rather than spazzing out and throwing too much force into it. (According to Kelly, this time I only used too much force at the beginning.) I could breathe, mostly, and I had time to think about my next move. It's the same effects of training that let me distinguish fractions of a second when I'm doing techniques, or take falls in a fluid way where I'm aware of every moment throughout the fall.

Maybe I'm screwed, maybe not. Things will work themselves out.