well, duh.

We usually joke about what would happen if it snowed here. We found out, though in truth people anywhere who sped into a snowless tunnel and came out into a snowstorm would have had problems.

So this morning I'm listening to this talk thing on KRCL in Utah, apparently-faithful mormons talking about Big Love, polygamy, and how Joseph Smith had many wives. A caller said that Smith only had one wife; when explained that it was historically documented, including in a book by a high-level patriarch of the church whose LDS credentials are as good as they come, he said "just because you can write a book about it and prove it historically doesn't make it a fact". And this, my friends, is why Bush is in his second term, and people think Reagan was a great man for his economic policies.

In a startlingly effective bit of what we call "social engineering", UC Berkeley students tripped up an opposing team member with an elaborate hoax. Very clever, if poor sportsmanship. I was never too impressed by Berkeley or Stanford students anyway: I used to go to the Big Sing joint concert between five a cappella groups from each school, and watch them boo and hiss at the opposing school's groups. Perhaps if I lacked my sense of professionalism and courtesy I would get more of a kick out of people acting like spoiled little kids.

I'm listening to Lemon Jelly right now, one of my favorite musical acts in the whole wide world. I saw a web post where someone said they had a large print of the cover art from Lost Horizons; if anybody could tell me where to buy such a thing, I would probably love you forever and ever.

Speaking of love, I've been thinking back on some past experiences, and times when women have been annoyed or surprised to discover weak points (often critical) in my relationship handling. It finally dawned on me that really, it should be self-evident that I have issues: I'm smart, cute and interesting enough that if I could make a relationship work, surely I'd have been married years ago.

That would somebody else, though. Instead, I'm me, and that's something different.

I feel like passing this story on to some of the folks working in a different part of my company, whose management are steadily burning them all out.

Oh, and hey, I went to the ceramics class last night to futz around, see my glazed stuff as it's out of the kiln, and see if the brain-stopping cutie was around, since she wasn't last week. And she was, which was nice, as well as the coolness of seeing my glaze-fired pieces. Some of the pieces will get a re-firing, but I'll take pictures as soon as I find my camera. As for the girl, well, I kind of doubt we have much in common, but she makes me smile uncontrollably, so who cares?