that's fine.

In a very important sense, it doesn't matter what other people do, or what their lives are like. I have my life, with the relationships I've found and built, and the way I am in the world, and that all leads to things happening in a certain way. The more I understand and am okay with that, the more I grow up, and the happier I am.

I paid off my car loan today. Online bill-pay is a wonderful thing. I should have done it last year, though it turns out I wasn't paying nearly as much in interest as I feared, so I didn't have a huge loss from eight months of slackerly delay. It's a nice feeling, though I should dig through paperwork and find the title at some point. (Because, of course, what I love doing on Saturday afternoons is digging through paperwork.) In a concession to American consumerism (and I guess to my growing up and no longer wanting college-style furniture), my accompanying thoughts to paying off the loan are, roughly: "Wow, now I'm really clear to buy a PowerBook, and a nightstand and headboard to go with the new bed."

I have a sort of new project at work, something I was already working on to some degree--transforming my server in a certain direction. It'll be a good challenge, hard, but not so hard I'll be overwhelmed with all the other crap I have to do.

Good lord. Half a bottle of sake is plenty. Good thing I had my best friend there to drink the other half for me.