Recently someone put up a significant reward of $12,000 for the first person who could make Windows XP boot on one of the new Intel Macintoshes. One involved individual explains why this slowed down the process. It's really a microcosmic example of one of the ways intellectual property restrictions cut down on innovation, something scientists have been finding a serious hindrance in the past couple of decades. The real discovery and progress of knowledge requires talking to each other, sharing different opinions of the same information, meeting up from different approaches to the same problem.

Have I mentioned how much I love my guitar? The songs are coming together in my head...a few samples, some guitar bits. Now I just need to blow a bunch of money on a computer and some music gear.

I can feel myself gaining fat, the effects of a month or so of not training very much and eating cookies late at night (note that I haven't gained weight, just changed composition). As usual, a shift of habits will fix things, except I'm very tired these days, fighting off the plagues--my old housemate is quite sick with a respiratory infection thing which reputedly tends to hang around for a few weeks--and who knows what else.

The new bed is delayed while I see if one of my friends wants the frame. There seem to be a lot of folks in need on Freecycle, too; but I need to get the new bed in, and I don't want any kind of mess in getting rid of the futon, or having to store it until the next large-trash day, or anything else.

But my guitar, my lovely, personable guitar. I stopped in to Gryphon today, and played some nice guitars, but none of them were really mine in the way mine is. I suppose they could be, with time, but there's nothing quite like realizing something is right: you have the right friends, or lovers, or sailboats or musical instrument. Something important in your life that suits and matches you, and just a chord, or a note, or a curve of the body or a flipping of long hair speaks volumes about the rightness of this moment.