the occasional warm fuzzies.

At lunch with one of my best friends last week, she watched me drinking my hot chocolate. In between sips, I put the cup down on the table, like always, and she said, "Do you not believe that cups and saucers go together? I've always noticed you put the cup back on the table instead of the saucer." I explained that partly I just want to put the cup down wherever I feel like, but on a more practical level, I have decently large hands and fingers, and it's actually not very comfortable for me to use a cup and saucer as intended, because of a usual lack of clearance between the handle of the cup and the lip of the saucer that my fingers don't quite fit in.

As the Heather Nova song goes:

And when somebody knows you well
Well, there's no comfort like that.
And when somebody needs you
Well, there's no drug like that.
All true things.

Tired lately. Need to get my new bed delivered this week.