Student doctors learn from their ER patients.

A strange but compelling series of photos from 1955.

Sunday morning my back was stiff from sleeping poorly on an air mattress, but I did some pretty vigorous aikido training anyway, which was, predictably, fun but stupid. Since yesterday morning I've been trying to get this one muscle in my back (the same one that spazzed in September for my test) to settle down. A heating pad, Advil, and some odd-smelling Chinese medicines seem to be making a difference. I'll also clear out my room and see about getting the new bed delivered next week. I worked from home this morning and only went into the office for the afternoon; that's a good schedule for me. I may do that more often.

It's not been one of those weeks where I'm enjoying work. This particular kind of pain leaves me irritable, and work has lots of things to get irritable about, especially this week. That's okay, though. I'm mostly disengaged from it now and I can almost survey everything from the lofty height of having much more important things in my life.

Things are good. I'm kinda tired, so I don't have much energy for things to not be good.