The majority of stuff got moved on Sunday, and late last night I was 100% out of the old house, with the remains of my deposit in hand (less pro-rated rent for the month and $150 for cleaning, which I accepted after emptying out my stuff and seeing just how dirty the place was). I've been moody and going a little stir-crazy at the house, because I'm surrounded by boxes, there's no Internet access (which is how I stay in touch with my friends), I had Monday off work, and Sunday and Monday they put in a new mat at the dojo, so I couldn't train--basically, a massive disruption of every element of my everyday life. As you might imagine, I've been a bit down and ungrounded, lacking my normal mechanisms for being centered.

I had a great time training with friends last night, though, and work yesterday and today has been full of success at a complicated task, which always helps. I enjoy being good at what I do, and I'm still happy I've finally found a job that's genuinely difficult: besides being challenged, it also means a certain amount of "job security", which for my generation and industry means less "I'll always have a job at this company" than it has in the past, and more along the lines of "I'll always be able to find work somewhere". Which is good, because I feel another recession coming on in the next few years.

I realized tonight that not only do I not know what's in most of my boxes--I don't care. If all the boxes disappeared and I was left with just what I'd unpacked, it wouldn't be the end of the world. So I think JD and I are going to have a giveaway, where we lay out a bunch of stuff in the living room and invite our friends over to have first pick of what they want, before we put them out to thrift stores and Freecycle. It'll be good.