Back from 3 days in Monterey, for my teacher's wedding. Terrific all around, and the pouring rainstorm broke into blistering sunlight about four hours before the ceremony, like clockwork, and the non-raining skies held all through today. This morning a few of us got breakfast and went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which was great, as they're some of my favorite people, and I haven't been to the aquarium in years.

JD and I found a house! Nowhere near as nice, as houses go, as the first one, but this one has enormous bedrooms and two bathrooms, which make it much more suitable for housemates. It has some non-repulsive 70s touches: enormous rock wall fireplace, and the kitchen has a radio and a toaster built into the wall (in different places). (The toaster slides out and you drop the slices in; we don't know if it works.) The bathrooms are huge, too: one of them is attached to the master bedroom, the other opens to the hallway, and for some reason they both have double sinks in countertops that feel longer than my car, leaving plenty of room for speculation about who the builder thought was going to be living there. No yard, but it does have a screen porch, which has the washer-dryer hookups (yay California) and will probably house JD's grill.

Nice to have the housing problem dealt with. The house needs a name: Suburban Outpost or something. A touchstone of funk on the northern marches of the desperately dull South Bay.

More inklings about what I'm supposed to be doing, I think. Or something. Reminders of how to be. I don't really know any more.