I have mixed feelings about this kid finding his sperm-donor father, as I do about most such things. It's good for people to find out where they came from; but sperm donation particularly needs a promise of anonymity, or at minimum release of legal liability, to really work well. I'm really impressed at how the kid did it, though.

Old meme, but what romance novels really say.

Scooter Libby, attack dog for moral conservatism, apparently writes hardcore smut in his spare time.

Trade ya for it.

Blacksmithing class again on Tuesday. We made knives, which, it turns out, are much harder than wall hooks. One cool thing is that having fucked up the same thing twice in a row (tapering, where you narrow and draw out the end of a rod), I know what I need to work on.

Um...wow. I don't know if that graphic is real, but it's really unpleasant that I have to wonder.