I don't understand.

I got my review today, which was, of all the crazy things, accurate, identifying both the manifold ways in which I kick ass, and stuff I could use some improvement on (mainly being a bit more cautious in my goals, and being quicker to ask for help--we're all shocked, I'm sure). So much about this job feels good: the people I work with, the work I'm doing, the work the company is doing. It feels good to have finally found work that challenges me and gives me space and reason to excel at, and to have that acknowledged. Apparently I also do a lot of work relative to other employees, and my perception of slacking is a Protestant work ethic hangover that doesn't account for my ability to get stuff done quickly or my willingness to buckle down and do whatever needs to be done. So, hey. Yay, me.

Looking all around, I think I have what may be the most wonderful and perfect friends on the planet.

[I had some verbiage here about how we feel emotions and we don't get to choose how we feel, but we do get to choose how to react; but I got bored writing it, so I doubt you would have enjoyed reading it.]

Whoosh, that mood just evaporated. I must be getting old: I can't stay angry or excessively bitter for more than some number of hours.