in the valley of light and shadow.

This is *awesome*: in Amsterdam, there's a stretch of exclusive real estate that, in relative terms, has the same value it did in 1628. Also, the New York Times ran the numbers showing it's likely more expensive to buy than rent in Northern California.

I'm adding another reason why the American empire deserves to crumble into dust. It's not that soldiers are trading pictures of corpses for access to porn site; every army throughout history has had more than its share of sick fucks, which is what happens when you recruit a bunch of people for the purpose of killing other people--some of them are more into it than others. No, the problem, as always, is that no one cares. It seems clear at this point that Americans care about preventing gay marriage and forcing women to have unwanted children, and all that takes precedence over things like the criminal cartel masquerading as a government, people from New Orleans being fired on when they try to evacuate into the next county, or soldiers, our representatives of democracy abroad, torturing people or passing around photographs of mutilated human beings as if they were trading cards.

Dear Fellow Citizens: Fuck You. Love, Chris.

Of course it's easier to just get the rage and vent here than it is to (a) be just a little more optimistic about the fact that people seem to be getting frustrated, or (b) explain to Florida or Texas that all sides would be happier if they seceded. We won't send federal troops this time, I promise.

Dolphins: armed and dangerous.

I met up with this guy via, and we chatted and hung out a bit Saturday. We're noticing that more and more of the freak/oddball/offbeat communities are moving down here to the Peninsula, but because the psychological center is still up in San Francisco/Oakland, none of us down here are particularly aware of and connected to each other. We're hatching a plan to change that. Muhauahahhahhaa.