hey, wake up.

I've finally passed on to a few friends my soon-to-be-classic pamphlet, Planning For Clusterfuckery: A Guide For Engineers. Initial feedback is good.

Something on the Internet led me back today to the Tucker Max website, mostly grotesque (in the dictionary sense) stories that passed through the memesphere a few years ago. To get the basic flavor of them, I recommend "Tucker and his first MILF". Bear in mind, the guy is a lawyer whose hobbies are heavy drinking, promiscuous sex, and being a (misogynist, though honest) jerk. For all that, he's smart and his writing is fall-down funny. Um, the page is full of risque ads, so that may be one to open in privacy. Also a lot of them are gross.

As usual, I had a mostly great time at Chillits. Very...chill.