our own problems, and everyone else's.

So, as we realize that New Orleans will be uninhabitable for the next year or two, according to these photos, black people "loot" and white people "find". Outstanding.

Here is an accurate writeup of why New Orleans has an intractable flooding problem. And, in the "I told you so" department, both Scientific American and FEMA called this one. More and more foreshadowing keeps turning up, like National Geographic. Daily Kos has some politics on the whole thing. Over the course of today the stories have gone from Really Bad to Genuinely Horrific, and I'm mostly donating money to the Red Cross and praying for the health of the people left there, because they need it, badly.

Holy crap: regenerating mice.

Almost done with my aikido test, just in time for work to catch fire again. Ah, cycles.