eat fewer cookies.

Got the phone call today, and I'm definitely heading up to the mountains for the weekend. W00t. Far, far out of device range. Work will be able to find neither me nor my manager.

Yesterday I finally knocked down a bug that I've been staring at for five weeks. One-line fix, of course--big, egregious stuff is easy to find.

New pictures from the Tax Shelter^W^WHouse Hunt! Check it out: the recent ones are 21 Willow, 464 Clinton, and the two units at 777 San Antonio. 464 Clinton is maybe four blocks from where I live now, and is easily the most affordable...but seewhat I'm dealing with here... I did like 21 Willow, actually, if I could wish for some more windows. It needs some updating, which could be "fun" to do myself (mostly the kitchen cabinets and the mirrors behind the bookshelves in the living room). I like the interiors of the San Antonio units much, much better--I wish they were at the 21 Willow location, closer to the dojo and in Menlo Park instead of south Palo Alto, but then I probably couldn't afford it.

Now, around 10-11pm, is the time when I wish I could be asleep. By now I am either moody or tired or both; waking life has nothing to offer me at the moment but a dull, sleepy restlessness. As the ritual progresses, I will soon try to sleep, then wake up again, get, watch some TV, possibly eat something if I'm silly and lack self-control, and eventually be ready for bed. In the morning my music will start playing, maybe a bit too early, I will wake up unrested again, and eventually stumble into work where my brain will melt out my ears.

This, too, shall pass.

Maybe I don't need to be in the office tomorrow.

What Would MacGyver Do?

I'm looking at the state of things, as I have in the past, and wondering again whether I'm supposed to be doing something more than I'm doing. As usual--probably not. When the time comes to do stuff, I know.

Six bells and all's clear.