Who can possibly believe that a Democratic president's "energy plan" would consist of burning more coal, protecting our oil supplies, and extending daylight savings time? Also mandating that ethanol be mixed into gasoline--a net energy loss, since ethanol provides less energy than is needed to produce it, so it's essentially a subsidy to corn farmers, especially companies like Archer Daniels Midland, whose political clout is largely responsible for the American industrial use of corn syrup instead of sugar.

Ah, yes. Why we lose.

Nice picture of Hurricane Emily.

I have a sweet scratch down the side of my face from my randori at the end of class tonight, but I am once again defeated in trying to get the pictures off my camera, so the documentation will have to wait. The randori was almost the best one I've ever done--I managed to keep moving, use my hips, and throw people into each other. W00t.