back out of the cave.

I like that the downward mood swings can be measured in days instead of weeks or months now.

Someone in Asia bought a pirate DVD of Revenge of the Sith. The captions are hilarious.

Sometimes I put the TV on, with closed-captioning so I can follow the action if I want, and I pipe music through the Squeezebox. The other night I did this, stopping on something called Galaxy Hunters, which didn't say "Adult" in the description, but...

I have no idea where this came from, but some pictures you don't want an explanation for. And other scenes I wish I had a picture of.

Why'd you have to be so nice?
A wink and a girly smile
And why'd you have to hit my eye?
That was something
But did you want me to stay?

Tonight I was talking to my friend Tim from the dojo (who oddly enough has a younger brother named Chris), discussing atemi, the strikes we use in aikido to distract an attacker and throw them off balance. Tim uses them often and effectively, but apparently finds himself using them more often on me. "Low-hanging fruit", you say, pressed to come up with a list of reasons why people would want to hit me. Where's the challenge? Well, leaving that aside, Tim's theory was just that I'm big and sturdy and everyone knows that if they accidentally make contact (or make contact intentionally but with too much force) I'll almost certainly be fine. Thinking some more, though, I think the underlying reason is that I won't take it personally, possibly even if it's meant that way. If I get hit and it's my fault for not getting out of the way, I will never react; if I get hit because the person I'm training with hit was being obnoxious, I'll react in a smiling good-humored way by trying to throw them harder without using any more force. Aikido for me is fun, and it stays fun when I get bopped in the nose by a friend.