castles made of sand.

Wikipedia has been eating my brain again. I've had a hard time getting back into a groove at work, because it's been mostly trying to track down bizarre bugs, without any actual coding. So in between that, I've spent some time reading. And just tonight, for example, I learned that Cádiz in Spain is around *three thousand* years old--originally named Gadir and then Gades, it essentially still has the same name. It's reminding me that I really want to deeply explore Spain (which I can do because I speak Spanish), but also the rest of Europe--reading about the Tynwald for some reason makes me want to visit the Isle of Man.

I hauled myself to the dojo tonight and started to let go and climb out of my hole (again). This is a good thing. Not that mood swings aren't fun sometimes, mind you, and I appreciate the opportunity for growth and all that, but being cranky really just kind of sucks.