"Of course he has a knife. Everyone has a knife. It's 1183 and we're all barbarians!"

Every now and again I ask Google about names from my deep past, to see what turns up. Normally it's nothing, because I'm from western Massachusetts, which isn't exactly a bustling hub of technology, and I not surprised most of the people I've known have gone on to lives that don't involve their names being on web pages. I did find Josh Shear, a nice guy I knew in grade school who's now a singer-songwriter, but I was more surprised this morning to find the person attached to the only name I remember from kindergarten. Of course, she shares a name with a porn star, but there was no confusing the two.

Heavens, how we've changed.

I think I made some new friends today, when I accidentally crashed a barbecue. (You "accidentally" crash a barbecue when you have gotten along with the host's estranged wife but not the host, and you ask someone if it was open-invitation, they say yes and give you directions, and you show up and it's at least a little awkward.) Awesome people, though.