I would have liked to have gone to aikido today, but I'm trying to fix what is so far an inevitable consequence of summer camp: on Thursday or Friday, some of my lower back muscles (I believe the Iliacus, if you've got an anatomy chart handy) spasm and wrench, and for the rest of the week I'm stuck at one class per day, usually in the morning. They do unclench on their own, but only if I don't do aikido for a few days. The continuity would be nice, but probably no class for me until Tuesday.

I recently watched the crepes episode of Good Eats, and now I have a strong urge to make something with duxelle, because it sounds so unbelievably tasty. I cook often (proportionately speaking, as I don't cook much) with the mushroom-onion combination, and tend to use butter, and it's lovely; but duxelle just brings that right to the next level of flavor-filled versatile culinary goodness.

I'm looking forward to going back to work tomorrow and getting back into my routine. I've done a huge amount of non-routine stuff in the past four weeks, and it's been wearing on me a little. I've brought a lot of new stuff back to my everyday life, though of course I've returned to my regular habits of eating and technology use. In the coming weeks and months I'll integrate the new things I've learned into my regular life structure; the structure will present new opportunities for learning; I'll do more non-routine things; lather, rinse, repeat.