out of it.

Finally, an eloquent statement of what we've all known: the internet is shit.

I'm trying to re-engage and get present in the world. It's tricky: my body is all stiff and cranky, and I sort of am, too.

I'm nearly to the end of Passionate Marriage, which among other things looks at what couples actually do during sex as an indicator of what goes on in themselves and their other interactions. In the book, at least, it works well, and so recently I've been getting out of the "a cigar is just a cigar" mindset and been a little more open to interpretation. At my parents' house, I noticed that I would leave my copy of Hafiz title side up, but Passionate Marriage title side down. I also remembered that most of the time in coffee shops and things, I will leave my books title side down. Ostensibly this has always been to minimize myself, so people don't think I'm trying to show off with whatever I'm trying to read (which is usually something intelligent--I don't read trashy romance novels). Looking at the two books on the coffee table, though, I had a different set of reactions: first, that it feels weird, as a single guy, to let people know I'm reading a book titled Passionate Marriage; but more generally, if people notice what books I'm reading, that tells them something about me, and I don't feel like I want them to know me except under circumstances that I control.