Hey, look. Medication can make things worse.

I decided to skip aikido and get caught up on work, since our deadline is June 15th and I'm taking all sorts of vacations in the next three weeks, and for any number of reasons it's been slow going on some of the more complicated things I need to do. I need to crank out some code tomorrow and Thursday, but I'm mostly caught up.

A guy I know is taking a job right down the road from me. I interviewed there, back in October or so when I seriously started looking for work. It's a strange company: they use a certain programming methodology with discipline and a certain amount of flexibility, so it works very well for them, but it had a somewhat creepy vibe to it. Not cultlike, exactly, but there was a sort of drone quality to the office. This methodology involves pair programming, which generally produces better code, but requires two people to be in the office at the same time, thus negating the flexibility and ability to slack that I so treasure about my profession. In the middle of the interview, two things occurred to me:

  1. I code Java on Windows now, and I hate it. Why am I interviewing for another job coding Java on Windows?
  2. This company isn't any fun.
So it's just as well they blew me off. I'm in a funny position here, because I'm all for improving the quality of software, but I think it would be a shame to reduce computer programming, a graceful and expressive craft with all the richness and depth of joinery or cabinetry, to a mechanized group activity.

SFGate has a lovely article on why the passing away of Star Wars can only be a good thing.