how did you get this number?

Hmm...questionable Army recruiting tactics...

I got a phone call today--unusual enough, but when I didn't reach my cell phone fast enough, my Hiptop device (-$50 on Amazon) rang. At first I was unsettled because I always forget that I set the ringtone to a very loud mooing cow, and then I had time to be confused that anyone was calling the thing at all--it was on a list of contact information I gave out a while back, but no one calls me, so who would go to the trouble?

It turned out to be the guy I occasionally do lighting crew for (just for the love of the game, as they say). I emailed the mailing list about events, and he called and I checked my calendar and the summer is suddenly looking busy: so far I'm booked 2 weekends in May, 3 in June, 1 in July, and 1 in September. (August looks free, but that can't last.) Mostly Saturdays, though, with a few full-weekend events, so I'll have a lot of hot sunny Sunday afternoons I'll need to either suffer through or somehow use constructively.

I had a nice platonic date last night, watching flamenco and eating tapas. She'd not ridden a cable car in her eighteen months living here, so I suggested we go do it, and that was fun: they drive faster at night, when there's less traffic. It was a good time, and she's cool, but confirmed my strong suspicion that I'm not really excited about another relationship right now--not particularly on purpose, as much as just being clear on how I feel. It's a really good self-contained kind of time for me, when I'm living a relatively simple life, with aikido and an engaging job, and I'm just growing up some more and working through some stuff that's been getting in my way for years. I've already got people who know my stories, and I think I don't have energy to tell them all again.

I am a rather odd human being. Though of course we wouldn't have it any other way.