a night on the town.

The Times published a secret Downing Street memo about the made-up case for war in Iraq. There's an article about the memo as well. It's clear that the decision to invade Iraq was made months ahead of time, and that justification came after the decision. We knew that, though. I hope the citizens of Britain care, because Americans sure don't.

Your inner love is your secret jewel. Love is not wasted: if you hold your love only for itself, without anger or regret or desire, it is sufficient. It will strengthen and sustain you as though it had bloomed into everything you ever wanted in your life, as if you did not have to hold it yourself but could share it and grow it with others. Love is love, and how it affects your world comes from how you hold it, not whether it is reciprocated or shared.

Nothing in my life is out of place.