just keep showing up.

Hunter S. Thompson shot himself today. Sad.

Nice aikido day today. On Wednesday night I busted up the big toe on my right foot, essentially jamming it with my falling weight (and remember, I'm not small), and kicking myself out into a roll before my entire falling weight went into it, which probably would have broken it. As it is, I almost didn't get up, but I did and finished out the class. I thought it would be okay, but about five minutes after class ended, the endorphins started to wear off, and I felt an imperative to get home and ice it and take a large dose of Advil. It hurt enough that I had to really forcefully concentrate to drive home, and I was worried it was broken; but, unlike the time I broke my foot, my toe has actually felt better as time passes, so I think it's okay, and I got back on the mat today.

I saw a real Rolex today, for the first time. I understand why people buy them.

I love my new guitar. I've been playing it, and I also took out my classical and replaced some of the strings, so it should be happier (it's been missing a string for some time, and guitars are built to hold a certain amount of tension and are generally happiest when they've got a full set of strings). I put the new strings on the Martin copy, and boy, does it sing. The guy at the music store wasn't lying when he said that they really did all they could to copy the Martin construction, because it has that jangle and brightness that I love about Martins--not as pristine as the real thing, of course, and ditto for playability, but it's a very, very pleasant instrument, and I'm glad I bought it.

I want my sleep back. On the bright side, though, this may well be the geekiest joke ever.