working too hard.

When arranging to start my current job, I pushed pretty hard for a break between jobs, partly for psychological space, but also so I could go to Seattle. It's relatively close, but I'd never been there, and I have some family a couple hours away, and I could comfortably afford t, so it seemed The Thing To Do. So, before I forget all the stuff I didn't write down, here's a log of the trip. I'm still editing it, so you might give it a couple weeks and check back.

The team at work sort of organically congregated around our secret couch and fridge and started drinking tonight. Apparently everyone else has felt some of what I have: up to our necks in complex, not-always-well-done code we inherited from someone else, where seemingly small and obvious changes have far-reaching difficult-to-trace consequences. Beer with nice people in the same boat is a good thing.

I wish things with my girl could have ended more nicely. But they didn't, and life goes on, I'll remember it all for next time, whenever that is; and in the meantime we're having beautiful rain again.